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Stage - département Hydrodynamique

Publication date: 23/01/2020
Reference: STG-HYDRO-202001
Location: La Ciotat
Contract type: Internship (6 months)


IDEOL was created in 2010 with the aim of developing both technically and economically viable floating foundation solutions for the offshore wind industry.

Its industry-changing and patented “Damping Pool”® design is compatible with all existing offshore wind turbines. Maximizing local content and optimizing the entire process from construction to installation, maintenance and decommissioning have been the company’s key priorities since day one.

Benefiting from the experience and know-how of a fully integrated team of 60 experts and engineers coming from the offshore oil & gas and renewables industries, the company has recently commissioned its first full-scale demonstrator (the FLOATGEN project, which is also France’s first offshore wind turbine) and its second full-scale demonstrator is has been installed off Japan. Ideol is also involved in the French Mediterranean’s first floating offshore wind farm as well as several other floating projects across the world, positioning the company as a leader in this fast-growing and accelerating market.


Topic: Benchmark of software for aero-hydro-elastic coupled analysis of floating offshore wind turbine

Background & Objectives:
A Floating Offshore Wind Turbine (FOWT) is a strongly coupled system where a wind turbine with flexible mast and blades interacts with a moored platform in wind and waves. During the different stages of FOWT design its response needs to be investigated in terms of platform hydrodynamics, mooring dynamics, wind turbine aerodynamics and structural dynamics. The current tool used at Ideol for FOWT coupled analysis derives from the coupling between two software: OrcaFlex for the modelling of the moored platform and FAST for the modelling of the WT and nonlinear time-domain mechanical solving. The hydrodynamic coefficients are primarily calculated by AQWA, a software based on radiation/diffraction linear solver, and imported in OrcaFlex.
The last release of OrcaFlex (v11.0) features functionalities to overcome the use of three different software to carry out this kind of FOWT coupled analysis and in particular: the radiation/diffraction hydrodynamic analysis and the WT modelling.
The objective of this master thesis is the validation of OrcaFlex v11.0 as a design tool for FOWT coupled analysis, throughout comparison with the already qualified method based on FAST-OrcaFlex software coupling and AQWA hydrodynamic database calculation. The validation of the new software functionalities shall be made based on a body of data comprising design outputs from in-house design projects as well as monitoring data collected through the FLOATGEN floating offshore wind turbine demonstrator.

Scope under supervision:
• Benchmark between AQWA and OrcaFlex (v11.0) for the calculation of radiation/diffraction hydrodynamic coefficients of simple body geometries and Damping Pool® Ideol floater with and without skirt.
• Modelling of WT in OrcaFlex (v11.0) and comparison between FAST and OrcaFlex for the calculation of WT aerodynamic loads and WT performances.
• Benchmark between FAST-OrcaFlex (v9.7) and OrcaFlex (v11.0) for aero-hydro-elastic coupled analysis of Ideol FOWT. The benchmark shall primarily aim at analyzing discrepancies in the analysis outputs, understanding benefits and limitations of the new software functionalities and identifying further functionalities that would be desired.
• Development of a multibody floater coupled model for aero-hydro-elastic global load analysis of Ideol FOWT and evaluation of its computational performance.


• Final year of Master’s degree in naval architecture, marine engineering or hydrodynamics.
• A good command of English, both written and spoken, is essential.
• Knowledge of hydrodynamics and aerodynamics analysis software such as AQWA, OrcaFlex, FAST or alike would be an advantage.
• Strong inclination for computational analysis and multiphysics modelling.
• Comfortable in written communication and reporting.

Internship start date: March 2020